At BARC we provide medical care, food, rehabilitation, bedding, sterilization, vaccinations and a whole lot of love to all dogs and puppies within the centre. We educate the local school children on how to care for and respect animals and hold fundraisers to raise awareness amongst the Balinese and worldwide community.
We want all our dogs to have a long, loving and sustainable life. Adoption and foster care is available to suitable homes, however some of our dogs are not adoptable. Some have lost limbs or suffered severe illness and are still in recovery. It is these dogs that will live out their retirement with us.
To sustain this care we rely on sponsorships and donations from people near and far to ensure each of our furry friends have a healthy and happy life. BARC works in conjunction with Good Karma, a pet store in central Ubud, who help us with medical care, shelter and financial donations.
Together we ensure all dogs are physically and mentally assessed and rabies-free. Even if a dog has the slightest chance at life we will do everything possible to give the animal a chance of good health. View our Rescue Stories to see the results of quality TLC for the Bali Dogs


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