A plan was set in motion to get you faster to Bali

A plan was set in motion to get you faster to Bali

The Balinese are happy people, in general. But there is especially one reason to make them happy, and that one is tourism. It has boomed during the last years and the Indonesian authorities have already planned another international airport.

Right now, the island of Bali has only one airport, in the capital city of Denpasar. But more than ten million tourists every year is not something to be laughed at, especially when you are dealing with logistics. The officials have severaloptions right now, and most probable location seems to be the Buleleng region. Its landscape is filled with beaches where dolphins can be seen and admired.

Flourishing tourism has its price, so the beauty of the region may soon be changed. Soon, as in 10 years, since this is the maximum timeframe when the actual Denpasar Bali International Airport can handle the air traffic. In order to be able to start the project as soon as possible, the Indonesian authorities have invited local and foreign investors. Building the second Balinese airport should be due for completion in ten years. Any foreign investors interested in participating in this project may own up to 49% of the second airport.

But this is not the only challenge the island of gods is facing right now. Extremely jammed traffic, especially during Balinese festivals period, is another red flag for Bali. It may have a solution after all, since the same Indonesian government is analyzing the plan to build several roads towards the northern part of the island, in the hope of getting at least some of the hordes of tourists there, thus decongesting some traffic.

Together, these two measures planned by the Indonesian authorities are part of a larger plan, to promote the northern Bali. Right now, most of the tourists flock to the southern part of the island, where popular destinations and resorts such as Kuta are located. It is also a surfers’ paradise, crowded and loud, while North Bali is sought by the yoga lovers or tourists with families, who want to enjoy some moments of peace and tranquility.

As a matter of fact, last year, the only Balinese airport managed more than 6.000.000 Indonesian tourists and over 4.000.000 foreigners. Most of them were Australian and Chinese tourists. And those numbers did not include business travels or local Balinese commuters. In order to achieve higher numbers from tourism economy, the Balinese and Indonesian authorities are keen to learn from the Dutch and the Japanese, who had already built airports in Amsterdam and Osaka by reclaiming lands.This method, however, is the most expensive one and has issues regarding environmental impact.