August is a feast for the Balinese festivals and events

August is a feast for the Balinese festivals and events

For those of you venturing on the trip of yourlife during august, the Balinese festivals and events should definitely be on the must-do list. Starting with the 11th of August, tourists or business people visiting Bali can enjoy a variety of Balinese Festivals and Events. Should you visit the island sooner, have a look at the Balinese festivals in July.

The first among the Balinese festivals taking place in August is the famous Ombak Bali International Surf Festival. It will be held for three whole days, in Seminyak, on La Plancha. During this time, surfers and tourists alike can enjoy surf movies screenings, a lot of good music and art display. Just like many other Balinese festivals and events, there is no entrance fee, as the movies screened are trying to raise awareness regarding many important social issues.

Ubud is the cultural centre for the Balinese festivals

At the same time, if you’re in Ubud, there is another important Balinese festival to check. It is called the Ubud Village Festival and it takes place for two days, from August 12th to August 13th, in the village of Ubud. Being one of the most respected Balinese festivals and events, the Jazz Festivals attracts artists from all over the world, not just Indonesia. There is also a theme for each year, and in 2016, the main theme of this Balinese festival is “Embracing Uniqueness”. There is no free entry here, just like with other Balinese festivals and events, but in the exchange of the small price you pay for a ticket, you can listen to quality music created by artists such as The East West European Jazz Ensemble, Youn Woo Park Trio or Bali Gypsy Fire.

Still to come, the Legian Beach Festival is one of the many surf celebrating Balinese festivals and events. It lasts for three days and, as usual, the Legian Beach Festival presents some of the finest Balinese offerings, such as surfing, Balinese food, or traditional dances. One of this festival’s objectives is to promote tourism for the Legian Beach, a region less visited than Kuta, one of the most famous Balinese destinations.

August ends with a cultural and culinary feast

We’re not nearly halfway this list, but we should stop for a bit just to tell you that if you want to attend most of these Balinese festivals and events, then you should start looking for an affordable Bali accommodation package, in a central location. One of the best cheap Bali accommodation packages you can find is the Hidden Valley Resort, in Pecatu, Uluwatu. It is perfect for families, music lovers and people who are trying to escape the noisy Kuta. [ADD it only if you want extra promotion for HVRB]

With that being said, don’t forget one of the most important Balinese festivals and events. So write down the date – August 17th, the Indonesian Independence Day, when the flags are raised. Getting back to our list, the next item to check among the Balinese festivals and events is the Jazz Market by the sea. It will take place on 19-21 August, at Taman Bhagawan (Tanjung Benoa). 2016 marks the sixth consecutive edition of the Jazz Market by the Sea. Alongside the Jazz concerts, there is a Culinary Journey hosting a myriad of traditional Balinese dishes. By the end of August, there is only one item left on our list of the best Balinese festivals and events. The Sanur Village Festival will be held this year during August 24-28in the Sanur Village. One of the “sportiest” Balinese festivals and events, the Sanur village attracts lots of tourists each year.