Bali tourist information that you need to know before coming here

Bali tourist information that you need to know before coming here

Say you decided to spend your vacation in Bali. Here’s some useful Bali tourist information that you need to know beforehand. For those of you coming here for the first time, Bali tourist information is of the essence. But first, don’t do here what is not allowed in most parts of the world. This is a common sense rule and everyone should abide by it.

The humid weather will strike you as soon as the plane lands at Bali International Airport. SoBali tourist information number one is this: leave the warm or mild clothes at home. Bali is hot all the time and tries not to sweat that much.

Most of the locals from tourist locations are on a hunt for tourists. So here is Bali tourist information number two: The Balinese know you’re not one of them, so don’t try to pretend to be. And don’t try to pretend you’re an expat, especially if this is your first time on the island of gods.

Bali tourist information number three: don’t waste your time only in Kuta! Well, this applies if you’re older than 18 or 21 and have other passions besides surfing, dancing and drinking. Kuta is the most crowded city in Bali and it is a surfers’ paradise, but there are other facets of Bali worth visiting.  But before that, check out for a helmet.

Locals are the best Bali tourist information sources

So here is Bali tourist information number four. Almost all the Balinese cities and towns and especially streets are as crowded as Mumbai or worse than New York. And scooters rule here. It seems that nobody is following any rules, so the first thing to do is get yourself a helmet. And please, don’t follow the crowd and start smoking just because everyone in Bali does it.

Speaking of everyone, if you came here not armed with general Bali tourist information, be advised that the beaches here are not as great as others in Thailand, or Australia. The water is definitely not as clear as in other places, the currents are strong and the waves are sometimes huge. But this is why Bali is a heaven for surfers and clubbers. If water lacks clarity, then the clubs and lounges on the beaches fully compensate it.

Bali tourist information number five: The Balinese culture must be respected. You’ll see dozens of rituals and festivals in Bali, from the most important ones to small local events, held in various villages. Never, but never disrespect the locals. It’s always better to ask someone or search for Bali tourist information than to disregard the Balinese religious ceremonies. Besides this, you need to take some other thing into account.

Among the first Bali tourist information you get is the need to wear a sarong if you visit the Balinese temples. This is required even if you are a man. Both men and women need to respect the temple they visit and cover their legs. Some temples also require you to wear a sash.