Balinese family vacation? Take a look at these great attractions in Bali

Balinese family vacation? Take a look at these great attractions in Bali

Everybody knows: there are tourists and there are tourists with kids. For the latter, we have some great attractions in Bali, perfectly enjoyable alongside your children. Sweet, right? Let’s start with something sweet, indeed!

Do you know a child who does say `no` to chocolate? Neither do us! That’s why one of the sweetest attractions in Bali is the perfect place for children entertainment. It’s the Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory. This is one of the greatest attractions in Bali. For one hour, you can see how exactly cocoa and chocolate is made of the cocoa beans. The factory also houses the so-called Bamboo cathedral, one of the largest structures of this kind in the world. A private tour to the factory will cost you 10$.

Tree houses for everyone

We all know kids love treehouses, right? Why not show them the best treehouse ever? It’s located in BatudawaKarangsem and it ranks high in the top attractions in Bali. The branches surround the house, embracing it in a surreal manner. Next to the house, kids can climb a terrace hill. There is no entrance fee for these attractions in Bali, but you can donate something if you want.

Have you seen the Pirates of the Caribbean? Then why not take your children to the Pirate’s Bay, a unique place among the attractions in Bali. There are also treehouses and wooden ships, created for children. For one day, your boys and girls can pretend to be genuine pirates, on genuine ships. The supervisors will prepare food in the treehouse for them, teach them how to climb ropes or swing and how to sing pirate songs. As this is indeed interesting among attractions in Bali, the whole price ranges from 2 to 21$ for the whole package.

Wild attractions in Bali

How would a pirate look without its trusty ol’ parrot? While there aren’t too many birds to stick on one’s shoulder here, one of the attractions in Bali will get the kids marveled at the sight of exotic animals. You can enjoy a safari and drive through zebras, rhinos or even lions at the Bali Safari and Marine Parks. If your kids won’t like feeding the fish, then a zebra will definitely entertain them. Did we mention the Komodo dragons? They’re here as part of the attractions in Bali, getting along just fine with lemurs or other wild animals. A safari trip to this park costs 45$ for kids and 59$ for adults.

From all the way up, take your kids below the sea. More precisely, take them to a walk on the seabed. This is one of the attractions in Bali popular among sea life lovers. There is no need to know how to swim, as you just need to put on an oxygen helmet and walk on the seabed. Your children will be amazed to see the myriad of colorful fish, eating from their hands, or the coral. The ultimate sea walker experience, one of the most amazing attractions in Bali, can be tried in Nusa Dua. The price is 238$ for a family made of two children and two adults.