These Balinese festivals are worth attending in October

These Balinese festivals are worth attending in October

After the peak season comes to a close, tourists coming to the island of gods find a quieter atmosphere here, and even the Balinese festivals are fewer in October. But his is good news for nature or yoga lover, as Bali is not so crowded anymore.

The first among the Balinese festivals in October is the Bali Vegan festival, during October 7-9th. It is the second occurrence of this and it’s location is Ubud. People will be gathering here for three days. There are lots of workshops, lectures and, of course, as the title of this Balinese festivals says, lots of vegan food and stuff. The festival will be held at the Paradiso Ubud Theater and in the middle of nature, in the rice paddies. Besides vegans, everyone is welcome to join this, as the Vegan Festival is quite unusual among the Balinese festivals.

As soon as the Vegan Balinese festivals come to an end, the Nusa Dua Fiesta begins. It is held at the Nusa Dua Bali Tourism Development Complex and lasts for four days, from October 9th to October 13th. The fiesta is part of the annual Balinese festivals. Tourists and guests ca enjoy a whole week of culture, music, arts and local artisan exhibitions. But this is not the only attraction in Nusa Dua. The tourists coming here can also learn how to dive and children can be entertained at the carnivals held especially for them.

Don’t miss the rice wars Balinese festivals

The middle of October brings two more great Balinese festivals. The first one is a piodalan. It is held at the TirtaEmpul Temple, in Tampaksiring, in the province of Gianyar. The Piodalan celebrates the victory of good versus evil and almost each of the temples here has the Balinese festivals to remind locals of it. The anniversary takes place on PurnamaSasigKapat, according to the traditional local calendar. The temple is famous for its lush green gardens and statues which adorn the pathways, so there is a lot to see here.

The second of the middle October Balinese festivals is called PerangTipatBantal. It takes place on October 15th, just like the Piodalan above. It is accustomed for the locals to divide into groups and start throwing rice baskets at each other. The rice fallen from the battles is then spread over the rice paddies as anhomage. This is indeed one of the most unique Balinese festivals ever.

Later, by the end of October, peace and solitude lovers can head to Lovina Beach for a lesson of North Bali nature and Balinese festivals. The Lovina Beach Festival is held between 25-29 October, near the village of Kalibukbuk. Guests can visit the artisan exhibition and, just like other Balinese festivals, a ceremonial march, called Baleganjur.

Lastly, the final four days of October are reserved for a more cultural approach of the Balinese festivals. The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival will be at its’ 12th edition this year. Its agenda comprises several artists and writers from all around the world. They all gather in Ubud and have live sessions at select locations nearby.