The best entertainment in Bali is in its famous bars

The best entertainment in Bali is in its famous bars

No such other thing spells entertainment in Bali like its bars. Parties, events and even some festivals can be lived here making the bars on the beaches or in resorts such as Kuta the places to be in terms of entertainment in Bali. For those of you looking to chill out while listening to good music and enjoying quality entertainment in Bali, the Bamboo Bar might the obvious choice. It is built from bamboo by a local architect. Why is it fitted as one of the best places to find entertainment in Bali? Because you can relax in such comfortable bamboo cradles before going to the real party. Try some of the local cocktails and don’t worry. The bar has a wireless connection and a beach exit.

Did you know that entertainment n Bali can be horrific? No, really! There’s a bar in Bali that looks just like a horror movie. It is called Frankenstein’s Laboratory and its central theme is centered on the famous character. Want real scary entertainment in Bali? Then try some of its weird cocktail recipes. They seem created by a mad scientist. Oh, and you can also try their special “food” too.

The Balinese will woo you

Too much entertainment in Bali for a quiet visitor such as yourself? Why not retreat to Woobar then? It’s also a spa and it is located in Seminyak, one of the best venues for entertainment in Bali, famous not just for culture, surfing, and fun, but also for the traditional Balinese cuisine, hot girls and party all night long. You’ll be amazed to see the entrance at the bar, a real forest tunnel, guiding you to possibly the best entertainment in Bali.

There is yet another option for entertainment in Bali. But nut entirely on land. If land entertainment in Bali is not enough for you, then why not take it to the sea? This experience can be lived at the PuriSantrian Bar, where you can order your drinks at the shore, then drift away on the ocean to enjoy a quiet drink with your significant other. Or you can simply swim to the floating platform, while the others watch you in envy. This unique concept bar is located in the town of Sanur, in the southeast part of Bali.

Australian anyone? Here’s the best spot for entertainment in Bali

How about some genuine entertainment in Bali for the Australian visitors? We got you covered! Just head out to Kuta. You’ll find there some of the best options in terms of entertainment in Bali. And among these, the Bush Telegraph Pub is renowned. There’s a real crocodile too (a stuffed one, in fact). The bar’s central theme is Australia, and its traditional outback culture and food.

There’s more than that. Live concerts, beer, incredible food, steaks and tuna fish to enjoy. And what would Aussie entertainment in Bali be like without lots of drunk Australian tourists, to make you feel like home? All in all, you just have to head to the island of gods. Once there, entertainment in Bali is just one step away!