You can enjoy a luxury spa holiday with real 24-karat gold treatments in Bali

You can enjoy a luxury spa holiday with real 24-karat gold treatments in Bali

Gold has always been a privilege when it comes to beauty and luxury. But beyond jewelry and art, gold is becoming more and more a magic ingredient in cosmetic treatments and spa packages throughout all over the world. One of these amazing places is the island of Bali, also known as the island of gods. Here’s where you can delight yourself with a spa package that includes not just essential oils, but aromatherapy and massages with gold infusions.

Sound amazing and also a little unreal, right? Well, some of the Bali tourists that prefer their treats are ayoung one, especially tourists enjoying their honeymoons. While in Bali, most of them are trying to enjoy even a bit of the privilege that only celebrities or wealthy people have.

Beyond the bustle of the Balinese streets, spas resemble tiny heaven pieces, where dedicated tourists can even practice yoga in Bali. There is all kind of beauty treatments tourists can enjoy here, starting from the traditional but amazing Balinese massages, to supreme luxury treatments, based on gold infusions. These kinds of treatments can cost from 400$ to several thousand.

Most of these spa packages are aimed exclusively at couples, especially just-married folks. That is why a gold spa package is a favorite choice of tourists having their weddings in Bali or celebrating their honeymoons or wedding anniversaries on the island. Of course, these packages may be included in the luxury packages some of the resorts offers. A luxury suite is often included in the package. All the experience is superlative and the ingredients used in such spa treatments are always top-notch premium quality.

But how exactly does such a treatment involve? Well, the skin is pampered with an oil and 24-karat gold infusion. A well-trained Balinese therapist uses approximately 100 ml (or a little over 3 oz.) for each session. And the whole treat lasts no less than 4 hours. Fours whole hours of having your senses overwhelmed with aromas, sensations and massage. But before being covered from top to toe with 24-karat gold, tourists have their share of traditional Balinese massage. Everything begins with an Indian-style head massage, continues with the traditional Balinese massage, then with a crystal and gem therapy, ending with a milk bath. And a complimentary luxury old wine bottle for the couple in love.

There is a great sensation of peace and harmony engulfing you, besides the amazing massage. And one can almost feel how the 24-karat gold penetrates and heals the skin. This is just one statement given by a client who had enjoyed such a luxury spa package.

And science seems to strengthen her statements. Research has shown that pure gold has antibacterial properties, offers healing benefits and acts as a light antioxidant for the skin and body, thus revitalizing and making the skin smoother and healthier. But it is not just this effect. The whole experience counts and the spa clients are treated just like a royalty member of Bali.