Where you can get some amazing spa and massage in Bali

Where you can get some amazing spa and massage in Bali

Ah, the island of Bali and its endless pleasures, be it by the beautiful nature or provided by the locals. This time, we’ll talk about some of the best affordable places where you can get amazing spa and massage in Bali. If you happen to be traveling to the island and badly need some relaxation, have a look at our list and go without a doubt for a spa and massage in Bali therapy.

There are so many spa and massage providers on the island of Bali, that it is sometimes simply overwhelming to choose a good practitioner or spa and massage resort. So how about pampering your body with the help of some of the best and also affordable spa and massage in Bali therapists. All this, accompanied by some great music, natural ingredients and services that will not cost you more that 40-50$ per session.

Try these two affordable spa and massage resorts in Seminyak

One of the best spa and massagein Bali providers is JariMenari. They are specialized in giving top quality spa and massage services, but for affordable rates. The JariMenari spa and massage resort is located in Seminyak, so if you happen to get by, give them a call and book their specialty massage, the 4 hand treatment. Two therapists will harmoniously coordinate their moves and spa and massage in Bali techniques so they are offering you a sync massage to get rid of all your stress.

Have you ever tried a head spa and massage treatment before? If not, head over to Prana Spa. You’ll be engulfed in an Indian atmosphere and music, with some perfectly tuned vibes, guaranteed to give you a great experience. Prana Spa is also located in Seminyak, and it is part of a complex of villas. Besides spa and massage in Bali, the staff at Prana Spa offers a full suite of treatments, and also their renowned Ayurvedic massage for the head. During this spa and massage in Bali treatment, the therapists also pour medicinal oils to stimulate meditation. A half an hour spa and massage in Bali session here costs only 30$.

Are you into organic products? Then don’t miss this spa

How about a fully organic spa and massage in Bali therapy? If you’re into raw or bio, then you should definitely pay a visit to Cantika Spa. You’ll find it in Ubud, after a relaxing walk through the rice terraces. All the spa and massage in Bali potions and recipes here are made of 100% organic materials. So, this means that besides the spa and massage in Bali organic therapy, you can also buy a lot of natural organic soaps, oils for massage, body lotions or creams for the face.

You can also try a unique spa and massage in Bali therapy style. It lasts for 60 minutes and you can complete this whole experience by attending a workshop where you can learn how to prepare your own recipes or organic products using various herbs, ingredients and also massage techniques that you can then practice at home.