Check these 10 best restaurants in Bali for local food – Part II

Check these 10 best restaurants in Bali for local food – Part II

We finished the first part of our guide to the best restaurants in Bali with the taste of Bebek Betutu in our mind. But where can one find this seasoned dish, spicy and full of Balinese flavor? For those of you who go to Cadidasa, in the Karangasem Regency, you’ll find the best restaurants in Bali a warung. It is humble, but not like any other warung on the island of Gods. The Warung Padang Kecag offers an open air location, in the middle of rich and lush vegetation. Their main strength is, of course, the Bebek Betutu. The duck meat is cooked slowly, for eight hours, that is why you need to call them one day in advance and let them know your order. Trust us, you don’t want to wait. The chicken version o this Betutu is also available, but you still need to call them prior to coming here.

There is also another great warung to try in our best restaurants in Bali guide. It is called Warung Wardani and it is located in Denpasar. Here, there’s not one but many different choices for traditional Balinese cuisine dishes. But one stands out among the crowd. So, here’s one of the stars, loved even by the best restaurants in Bali. It is called Nasi Campur, which translates to great meat selection, mixed with rice, vegetables, an egg, some peanuts and, of course, fried shrimp.

The warungs in Denpasar and Ubud will delight your taste sense

All, accompanied by the Warung Wardani’s special sauce. If we told you that they are serving this dish for more than 20 years, we think it would be enough to place them among the best restaurants in Bali for local food, right? The atmosphere there is pretty authentic for a Balinese warung, but inside you’ll feel cool enough, protected by air conditioning during those hot Balinese summer days.

We travelled from Kuta to Seminyak and Denpasar. Ubud can’t miss the top best restaurants in Bali list, that is why we recommend yet another great warung. It is a padang warung this time, and an affordable one too, where you just need to take a look at the dishes on the counter and pick whichever one you like best. We almost forgot to give you the name: Rumah Makan Minang Sumbar Hidup.

Quite long, but ask for the local Nasi Padang.  This rice dish is what places the Ubud warung among the best restaurants in Bali. And you can add, if you want, a spicy Rendang next to the Nasi Padang, alongside some sambals. One good sign that this Ubud Warung is a great place to have an affordable dinner is the crowd of locals attending it every day. It’s just one of those simple, yet clean and with a delicious food to serve, that makes it one of the best restaurants in Bali.

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