Check these 10 best restaurants in Bali for local food – Part III

Check these 10 best restaurants in Bali for local food – Part III

Let’s loiter a little more in Ubud in our search for the best restaurants in Bali. Find this address: 4 JalanSri Wedari, Ubud. We put this alley on our top 10 best restaurants in Bali list because it’s where you’ll find DapurBunda. It is located near the Ubud Palace. Don’t be fooled by the aspect. It’s better than most of the warungs, but you need to go to the first floor. Here, you’ll eat some of the best dishes found among the best restaurants in Bali.

It is cozy, clean and well-lit, with a view above the crowded street. The menu may not impress it at first sight and a cocky tourist might even ask us why have we included this place on our bet restaurants in Bali list. Here’s the secret: all the food served here has no Monosodium Glutamate and it is also traditionally home-cooked. Besides the great NasiCampur, which you can select according to your taste, you can get a delicious ratatouille or tempe as a side dish. By the way, the mango juice is great!

Warungs are the best choice for Bali travellers

Now, it’s time to head for another region on our journey searching for the best restaurants in Bali. This time, we go to Sanur, for one of the best fish soups you’ll ever eat in your life. This warung is specialized in seafood and this is what makes it appear in our top 10 best restaurants in Bali list. It is called WarungMakBeng and the star dish here is Sup KepalaIkan. If you just happened to translate it, don’t be scared. It means soup made of fish heads.

What if we told you that this warung opened all the way more than 70 years ago. And the KepalaIkan soup is being served here with no interruptions from 1941. The soup is served wit rice and fried fish The location is also very suitable, just a few meters away near the beach, so the fish is brought daily by the fishermen whom you can see doing their jobs as you eat the soup. And the prices here start from less than 3$.

Classic also means quality here

One more stop before we head back to Kuta in our trip to finding the best restaurants in Bali. This time, we head to Munduk, for a classic warung. And Classic indeed is its name. The guests here made us include Warung Classic on our best restaurants in Bali guide. Not even a single tourist visiting it left unhappy from here. The food selection includes all the traditional Balinese cuisine, but one of the best things is the view. It’s not about the dining room, as with other best restaurants in Bali, but the mountain and sea view. Yes, from the Warung Classic terrace, you can see both the sea and the mountain range.

We left the number one among the best restaurants in Bali for the end of our list. We end our trip in Kuta, with one final stop at Gabah Restaurant. This is indeed one of the best restaurants in Bali, simply because you can order here the Balinese royal feast. The whole staff will accompany with tangerine, drums and song this dish, reserved only for the royal family, to make you feel just like a king.