Collect the plastic bottles and help preserve Bali’s natural beauty

Collect the plastic bottles and help preserve Bali’s natural beauty

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, Bali is assaulted by literally millions of tourists every year. The Bali Tourism Service estimates that as much as 12 million tourists will visit Bali in 2016. And many of these people don’t care much about the environment or about plastic bottle collection.

Just to give an example, the rubbish volume increased to 1500 cubic meters/day in 2014, compared to just 350 cubic meters/day in 2011. This puts the Balinese environment to tremendous pollution pressure. Plastic bottles are among the greatest threats to animals and plants in Bali.

This means the need for recycling or plastic bottle collection is higher than ever on the Island of Gods. There are, of course, some companies and NGOs that are striving to recycle as much as possible and also increase awareness on waste management and reutilization. These organizations have even implemented plastic bottle collection services, composting or training services for Horeca personnel. Foreign companies have also invested millions of dollars in plastic recycling factories. But all of them can do that much.

Plastic waste is indeed difficult to manage. Especially when the plastic bags or plastic bottles reach into the rivers and the ocean. But we can all help with the plastic bottle collection in Bali, even if we are tourists. Would you like others to litter your hometown? Of course not! Neither do the Balinese! Then why not help them recycle plastic and keep the island clean for your next holiday in Bali?

How can you help recycle plastic for Bali

There are some easy ways for each tourist who cares for the environment. The most obvious one, besides plastic bottle collection, is to limit your plastic usage. We all buy Bali souvenirs, right? Why not keep your shopping items in the same bag? Try not to ask each Balinese vendorfor a plastic bag. Ask the warung staff (Balinese cheap restaurants) whether they have a plastic bottle collection policy.

Let’s say you’ve just bought a plastic bottle of water or juice. You don’t want to buy alcohol if you are looking for an affordable vacation in Bali. After you’ve finished drinking, crush the plastic bottle, remove the cap, as some recycling centers may not accept it, place it in a plastic bag that you don’t need any more and find a recycling bin where you can throw it. Be responsible with plastic bottle collection! And don’t litter!

You can also try to reduce your plastic usage. Because the best way to deal with garbage is not to create it. Buy reusable bottles and refill them, ask for glass recipients, avoid getting fast food in disposable containers, avoid using plastic forks or knives while going on a trip to Bali. Another way is to ask your hotel staff or tourist office about the plastic bottle collection policies and how you can help recycling in Bali.

Help environmentally responsible Balinese businesses

Be responsible! Every tourist spends money during a Bali vacation. Even the ones that are trying to find cheap accommodation in Bali. But we can all spend money in a responsible way about plastic bottle collection and reward the businesses or hotels that do care about the environment in Bali. One of these facilities is Hidden Valley Resort. The whole facility was built using recycled materials such as teak-wood, or eco-friendly materials. Whether their guests choose the best Bali accommodation package in a VIP suite or the best traditional cottage in Bali, the Hidden Valley Resort is responsible to the environment.

They have contracted recycling companies’ services who collect plastic bottles or items and are always trying to limit the waste of plastics. They are also supporting the environmental protection and plastic bottle collection in an indirect way. By making donations for the education of Balinese children, the Hidden Valley Resort assures that the local youngsters learn how to protect their beloved island.