How to enjoy an Eat Pray Love experience in Bali – Part II

How to enjoy an Eat Pray Love experience in Bali – Part II

During the first part of our mini-guide for an eat-pray-love experience in Bali,we showed you some of the destinations and experiences to try while in your vacation on the island of gods. But for the yoga lovers, there is so much more that Bali can offer!

We advised you to find a retreat location, far from the crowded Denpasar capital or the cosmopolitan Kuta resort. Locations such as Uluwatu or Ubud are perfect, but even better, you can always find a secluded retreat location to practice yoga in Bali. What you can also do here is visit some of the most beautiful, yet hidden temples. Bali is also called the Island of a Thousand Temples. It can offer numerous sanctuaries and sacred places of worship, with amazing architecture, for avid visitors. Besides the more commercial temples, or the famous one, such as the Uluwatu temple,  we also recommend that you visit some less-known sanctuaries like the Sebatu Temple, where you can take part in the water purification ritual, the Batukaru Temple, Goa Gajah or Besakih, the largest temple of its kind in Bali.

Have you considered trying a traditional ritual, alongside the locals? The Balinese take part in more rituals than any other population on Earth. For example, a Balinese woman spends almost 7% of its time preparing, making, or cleaning after a traditional ritual. A family must prepare approximately 50 offerings each day. These offerings are places everywhere, on the streets, in front of the house, in front of the gate or in the garden. And most the Balinese will be happy of tourists or other locals accidentally step on the offerings since this is considered to bring good luck. Just ask a local guide or an expat about the festivals in Bali or traditional rituals that you are allowed to take part into.

Visit a traditional healer for spiritual purification. In Bali, the locals first visit a healer, and only after that the physician. These healers are so respected in their community because they are considered to be bearers of the healing spirit. They can help you both physically, and spiritually. Of course, some of them are more commercial, and Ketut is such an example But some of them are authentic, traditional Balinese healers. And you won’t be able to find them just by googling. You could ask locals or you can try going to Ida Resi Alit, one of the most famous authentic healers. Just be sure to make an appointment long before visiting her. And while going to visit her, you can also enjoy a bike ride in the rice plantation areas.

Let yourself go to the energy of the ecstatic ritual dances. This is the new spiritual trend and dancing style in Bali. There is no such thing as a well-defined dance style, as there are no rules. You just need to let yourself go, feel the energy created in that space, and listen deeply to the music and people. Let go all your inhibitions and enter an ecstatic state. Just go with the flow. One of the most well-known places for such an experience in Ubud is the Yoga Barn.

Finally, you cannot leave Bali without watching the sunrise from atop a volcano. These are real spiritual landmarks for the Balinese. The locals don’t use cardinal points, lie the western do, they use volcanoes. Two of these are still active, but all the volcanoes can be visited. Our recommendation is Mount Batur. It is the easiest to get to. You just need to be at the volcano’s base at 4:00 Am, since getting to the top will take about two hours But once you’re there, the amazing experience will leave you speechless.