How to enjoy an Eat Pray Love experience in Bali – Part I

How to enjoy an Eat Pray Love experience in Bali – Part I

Many of you have heard good things about Bali. Its unmatched beauty and natural landscapes, its’ beaches and waves perfect for surfers or traditional Balinese experiences make up just a few of all the wonders the island of gods has to offer for its tourists. But there is another aspect of Bali that some of you might not know about – the spiritual aspect.

If asked to give a quick answer about Bali, most of you would say: “Well, the island is known for affordable travel experiences, but the beaches are not quite the same as other Indonesian or Indian Ocean attractions”. And some of you might say: “I also know that Bali is the favorite exotic destination for spa lovers, yoga practitioners in Bali, and Hindu temple visitors. It’s the place where nature, ocean, culture and religion combine to offer an almost sacred place”.

Legends say that long-ago, priests, kings and artists belonging to an ancient culture retreated on the island of Bali, fleeing from a devastating war. But this is just a legend, one might say. Well, you will definitely think twice once you set foot on the island of Bali. Why do you think locals and tourists alike call Bali “the Island of Gods”?

It’s this place where lots of tourists try to evade daily stress, seeking for fun, relaxation, extreme sports or just trying to find themselves. And most of the times they succeed. In other words, you can definitely enjoy a unique experience for your liking in Bali, just because there are literally dozens of activities and sensory experiences to be tried and enjoyed here. For the ones trying to rediscover themselves and heal their minds and spirits, here’s a small guide to follow.

Try going to Bali alone, rather than with family, or friends. After all, this is what a true eat pray love experience is all about. Well, you could bring your significant other along in Bali, but only whether both of you share the same feelings regarding spirituality. Otherwise, your hobbies might just get him or her bored. The general rule is the fewer, the better.

Choose wisely, my friend! It’s not just a famous movie line, but a useful advice. Bali might not be such a big island, but its most famous resorts such as Kuta are so crowded. Try to choose less crowded locations such as Uluwatu, famous for its temple, or Ubud, the spiritual and artistic center of the island. If getting a tan is among your objectives in Bali, you could split your vacation in two: spend several days in the south-western part of the island, and the rest of them in Ubud.

Choose an organized retreat where you can meet people having the same interests and passions. There are lots of guided retreats and famous yoga gurus in Bali, and you can find them on our website. Among the most famous yoga studios, you can find the Yoga Barn. There are several yoga styles, meditation types, and yoga classes to learn while in Bali. If you’re just trying to practice yoga along other expats in Bali, you could also try Radiantly Alive Studio.