What to know before booking your Bali holiday package

What to know before booking your Bali holiday package

Everyone dreams to visit Bali at least once in a lifetime. But a Bali holiday package will bring you more than just a destination. Bali is an experience in itself and no tourist has ever come to Bali and left without saying “Wow, this is indeed the island of gods!”

But there are a couple of tricks that every tourist should know before booking that perfect Bali holiday package. First of all, we must warn you! The commercial side of the island is crowded. And when we say crowded, we really mean it. From Kuta to Ubud, you can’t simply say that Bali is that virgin paradise anymore. It may be difficult to escape the thongs of tourists in Kuta, but once you do that, you can enjoy your Bali holiday package in the midst of nature.

Bali is a variety paradise for tourists

For this reason above alone you should choose your hotel or villa with care, to fully enjoy a Bali holiday package. The variety of choices is huge, from hotels amid the city to secluded villas or resorts near small villages, in the middle of the forest, or accommodation facilities at the volcano base. Use one of our guides or any other resource to check your hotel first. And don’t forget to use sites such as TripAdvisor, to see how the previous visitors felt there, what their experience was and how they enjoyed the typical Balinese atmosphere and their Bali holiday package.

Does the “tourist belly” sound familiar? It can happen to all of us. You’re on vacation and suddenly you seem to forget that diet or those healthy eating habits. It’s true for a Bali holiday package too. But don’t stress about keeping a strict diet habit as you’ll definitely enjoy the traditional Balinese cuisine. It’s a little spicy, though, so be prepared in advance.

Just give their culture a try. You’ll be amazed!

The Balinese cuisine is a small footstep inside this amazing culture. During your Bali holiday package, don’t forget to engulf yourself in the Balinese culture and habits. There are so many amazing things to be seen here that one Bali holiday package is simply not enough. Nevertheless, do not forget to get informed about the traditional dress codes, as not all the locals accept the beach costumes, may it be you’re spending your Bali holiday package here. This is true especially for some important Balinese religious festivals or temple visits. And, by the way, please do not offend the Balinese locals performing their religious rituals.

When speaking about locals, you must also take into account during your Bali holiday package that the prices across the island vary as much as possible. If money is of no concern for you, then just choose Kuta and one of the 5-star resorts nearby (check them out here). But if you’re on a budget on your Bali holiday package, you are more than welcome to stay at a local guesthouse, to visit all the warungs you can get to or buy food and souvenirs from the markets attended by the locals.