Looking for water sports in Bali? How about some extreme one?

Looking for water sports in Bali? How about some extreme one?

Bali is known for its unmatched beauty and cool waves, perfect for surfers. But there are other water sports in Bali, which tourists can practice. It’s just that kind of place where you can simply enjoy thewater in all its forms. Let’stake a look at the craziest water sports in Bali for all ages and visitors.

Before getting in thewater, you need to be on land right? Well, among all the water sports in Bali, cliff jumping may be among the craziest Tourists can try jumping from thehigh cliff top at the Mahana Point Cliff Jump. This is a perfect place for daredevils. The place is located in Nusa Ceningan. It is, in fact, a small bar, with water sports in Bali option for the visitors with a huge dose of courage. You can enjoy a good drink while admiring other jumpers, or you can try embracing one of the coolest water sports in Bali yourself, by jumping from atop a cliff.

Try some “classic” water sports in Bali

If courage lacks you, then how about learning to ride the waves? Surfing is the number one from all the water sports in Bali and hordes of Australian tourists and youngsters practice here every day. The waves are often so huge that swimming is prohibited in certain areas. As with most of the watersports in Bali, surfing can be combined with the power of the wind to create a great experience. Don\t worry if you haven’t ridden a surfboard before. There are dozens of surfing schools in Bali and instructors for almost all the water sports in Bali, ready to teach you how to ride the waves in a matter of days.

Not satisfied riding the water above? Here’reother two water sports in Bali, you’ll get fond of scuba diving or free diving. As with other water sports in Bali, scuba diving will offer you the chance to see the amazing world beneath the waves. If you want to add some adrenaline, then try diving into an underwater cave. You can find it 25 minutes away by boat from the Padang Bay. But you need a diver certificate or at least 50 previous dives to explore this cave, due to its depth. Did we mention some sharks might be encountered there?

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These kinds of water sports in Bali may be a little too extreme for the faint hearted. But rest assured, there are water sports in Bali such as free diving, that many tourists (with a good heart condition, of course) can take. Famous among the water sports in Bali passionates, freediving is available at the Tuamben Shipwreck. It is also known as one of the extreme water sports in Bali, and divers can get up to 30 meters here. If they want something g truly unique, just married couples can try some of the best water sports in Bali photos, and by that, we mean some really cool wedding pictures, taken below thesea. The results will be stunning!