May seems perfect to enjoy these festivals in Bali

May seems perfect to enjoy these festivals in Bali

Upcoming Bali Festivals in this May

There is something special about the island of gods… That might seem like trailer phrase, doesn’t it? But it really is. It’s a special calendar called Pakuwon. This is one of the two Balinese calendars that the islanders observe. The Pakuwon Balinese calendar is a 210-day agenda consisting of ten weeks and ten days. There are also extra days that must be added to this calendar in specific weeks such as the fourth one, the eighth one and the ninth week.

But what is so special about this calendar observed only in Bali? This is where the locals see what chores they have to do each day and this is the calendar that governs celebrations in Bali. Of course, the Balinese also observe the Gregorian calendar which is almost 78 years ahead of the local Saka calendar. It is a mixture of religions, traditions and festivals on the island of gods, and May seems to be one of the best months to be in Bali.

There are also international celebrations in Bali. One of the best places to stay in Bali is Hidden Valley Resort, which offers the best cheap accommodation in Bali. From here, you can get almost anywhere. One of the first festival this month is Vesak, marking the year 2560, for Buddhists. This year, the celebrations are held on March 22. They mark the birth of one of the Hind gods, Prince Siddhartha Gautama. If you’re visiting Bali, take a look at any of the manifestations. One of the wonderful and cheap accommodations can be found at Hidden Valley Resort Bali.

Another important eveInternational Dragon Boat for May in Bali is the International Dragon Boat Race. This is the first festival of this kind in Bali. It will take place on the caldera lake in Bali, so you can still train if you want to participate. The race will be held for three days, from May 26th to May 29th. Otherwise. You can watch the entire festival too. The dragon boats are traditional here in Bali, and there is also an international federation for this kind of event.

There is another festival waiting for the visitors coming to Bali near the end of May. It is called the Ubud Food Festival. 2016 will be the year that marks the second edition of this festival. It begins on May 27th and for three days both locals and tourists feast themselves with some of the finest Balinese cuisines. There are of course displays of international western cuisine, but also Indonesian foods. Some of the best known Indonesian chefs are said to be coming to the Ubud food festival.The Ubud Food Festival-

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