Visiting Bali in June? Check out these Balinese festivals

What better way to experience the authentic Balinese atmosphere if not joining one or more f their famous festivals? For those of you visiting our island in June, here’s a list of the most important festivals in Bali. One of the first festivals to see in Bali in June s TumpekWayang. This year, it will […]

Your guide for perfect surfing in Bali – part II

So, you’re in Bali, full of enthusiasm and ready to try your first surfing lesson. For those of you who already apprehended the surfing technique, we recommend reading our guide for aperfect surfing trip to Bali. We told you about two of the best surfing beaches in Bali: Balangan and Jimbaran. If you’re a rookie, […]

Your guide for perfect surfing in Bali – part I

We’d all like to try new things, right? How about that surfing lesson you always dreamed about? Who wouldn’t want to try it, right? For starter, one f the best locations to learn how to surf the waves is the island of gods, Bali, Indonesia. It has some of the best waves in the world, […]