How to enjoy an Eat Pray Love experience in Bali – Part I

Many of you have heard good things about Bali. Its unmatched beauty and natural landscapes, its’ beaches and waves perfect for surfers or traditional Balinese experiences make up just a few of all the wonders the island of gods has to offer for its tourists. But there is another aspect of Bali that some of […]

These are the perfect times to experience Bali festivals

As a visitor, one cannot experience the true Bali culture without witnessing a festival firsthand. The Balinese festivals are truecolour and sound symphonies and genuine culture showdowns for both tourists and locals. As a province of Indonesia, the island of Bali accepts several official religions: Hinduism, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, and Confucianism. The Hindu Balinese make […]

May seems perfect to enjoy these festivals in Bali

Upcoming Bali Festivals in this May There is something special about the island of gods… That might seem like trailer phrase, doesn’t it? But it really is. It’s a special calendar called Pakuwon. This is one of the two Balinese calendars that the islanders observe. The Pakuwon Balinese calendar is a 210-day agenda consisting of […]

Your Bali surf break deserves a perfect concert

Tex Perkins & Phil Jamieson live at Hidden Valley Resort Bali: The island of gods has some of the best beaches for surfers in the whole world. Waves included! Any surfer, beginner, intermediate or advanced can benefit of some of the best breaks and best times here. But you know what I even better? A […]