Planning a trip to Bali in September? Check out these Balinese festivals!

Planning a trip to Bali in September? Check out these Balinese festivals!

The summer is far from ending all over the world and so are our holidays. But if you planned a late vacation in Bali, you should check out these amazing Balinese festivals in September. It’s a busy month from this point of view, even if the peak season draws near its end. Don’t let this discourage you and start planning which Balinese festivals you can attend during September!

Galungan – the second occurrence

This is one of the most important Balinese festivals for the locals and tourists alike. Taking place accordingly to the 210-day traditional Balinese calendar, Galungan was celebrated first in February and now it will take place from September 7th to September 17th. Just like other Balinese festivals, the locals celebrate the victory of good versus evil, or Dharma over Adharma. This Balinese festival draws the locals near their beloved ones and lasts for 10 days. There are common elements to other Balinese festivals, but now you can see the houses decorated with bamboo poles, harvest crops, fruits and vegetable, representing blessings from Mother Nature.

Piodalan anniversary at the Batukaru Temple

Each year, the Galungan celebration is followed by several other Balinese festivals, though not so large in amplitude. One of these Balinese festivals takes place in Denpasar, at the Batukaru Temple. Piodalan is celebrated on September 8th and gathers pilgrims and tourists from the nearby regions. They all come to the temple for meditation and prayers to the gods like Ida Sang HyangWidhi, whle also discovering Bali.

Kuningan, one more Piodalan and the Mekotekan ceremonies

The day of September 17th hosts not one, but three Balinese festivals and celebrations. The first one, Kuningan, is celebrated 10 days after Galungan. The locals bring offerings at the temples and shrines in the morning. One of this temples, Pura Sakenan, located in the southern part of Bali. Built in the 10th century, the Sakenan Temple is one of the most important in the area and also host to other Balinese festivals.

Pilgrims and tourists coming for various Balinese festivals can reach the temple easily, crossing one bridge, but they must pay a fee of 15-40 cents during the Balinese festivals. The Mekotekan rituals also take place on September 17th in the Badung area. The precise location for these Balinese festivals is the Munggu Village, in the district of Mengwi.

Piodalan ranks high among the Balinese festivals

It sure does, and this Piodalan is worth attending among many other Balinese festivals, as it is hosted by the Tanah Lot temple. Tanah Lot is not just a stunning beauty marvel, but also one of the most important temples on the island. Did we mention that Tanah Lot is located on a cliff in the sea? Among other Balinese festivals, Tanah Lot hosts a biannual Piodalan celebration, because of the Balinese festivals taking place each 210 days, according to the Pawukon calendar.

The Balinese festivals in September end in an Ultra Style

Have you heard about the Ultra music festivals? Well, if so, then you are lucky, because for two days, on 29-30th of September, at the Potato Head Beach Club Bali in Seminyak, you can enjoy the Ultra Beach Bali 2016 festival, one of the best electronic music festivals in the world. The festival has just a few venues in Asia, and Bali is one of them, among South Korea, Japan, Macau, Bangkok, and Philippines. So prepare yourself to witness some of the most amazing DJ sets in the world at Ultra, the last of the Balinese festivals in September.