This is the one temple you need to visit during your Uluwatu holiday

This is the one temple you need to visit during your Uluwatu holiday

They say Bali is no longer that beautiful island left by the gods for the pleasure of the people. That is partially true, and only in the case of Bali’s capital, Denpasar, or the crowded resort of Kuta. But the rest of Bali is a wonder of nature. Except for the two cities above, you can get almost anywhere cheap accommodation in Bali. Among your numerous option, one stands out.

This is Hidden Valley Resort, in Uluwatu, where family tourists looking for tranquility can find affordable Bali accommodation packages. Besides offering great services, and cheap accommodation in Uluwatu, the Hidden Valley Resort has one more advantage: a rich cultural and architectural vicinity.

Just 20 minutes away by car or scooter, tourists can discover one of Bali’s ancient secrets: the Uluwatu Temple. It is one of the six holiest places on the island of Bali, the so-called Sad Kahyangan. Being a so-called “Sanctuary of the World”, the Uluwatu temple is dedicated for worshipping Rudra, the manifestation of Sang HyangWidhiWasa.uluwatu temple- Bali lifestyle

Just like the other five holiest sanctuaries scattered throughout Bali, the Uluwatu temple is built on a high cliff, with a stunning view over the Indian Ocean. The famous temple is located in the south part of Bali, in Uluwatu, close both to Kuta and Denpasar. Uluwatu is the Balinese region where tourists can get some of the best Bali accommodation packages.

Unfortunately, the access inside the temple itself is reserved only for locals and Hindu believers wanting to pray. No problem with that, since the panoramas and charming views are well worth the trip. And speaking of trips, you’ll travel just 20-25 minutes from Hidden Valley Resort, the hotel offering cheap Bali accommodation. Getting you there costs only 75.000 IDR (a little over 5$). There is also an entrance fee of 100.000 IDR (7,5$) for visiting the Uluwatu temple.

The trip is well worth. But this will be no monkey business. Literally! Beware of the monkeys that inhabit the Uluwatu temple. They’ll steal everything, from sunglasses, smartphones, cameras to wallets and bags. The stolen items are hard to recover, and only at the price of fruits, that is why we recommend you to be extra careful when visiting the Uluwatu temple. You should always keep your valuables in a safe place, keep a strong grip on your bags or cameras and pay close attention to the monkeys prowling around you.

Once arrived at the Uluwatu temple, you can enjoy yet one more famous Bali event. The renownedKecak Fire and Trance Dance. The show takes place daily at the Uluwatu temple, close to the Hidden Valley Resort offering cheap accommodation Bali. The Kecak Fire and Trance Dance starts everyday at 6 PM. The guide getting you from Hidden Valley Resort, where you enjoy your affordable Bali accommodation package, to Uluwatu will also explain you the history and meaning of Kecak.

The Kecak Fire Dance is both a Balinese dance and music drama, performed mostly by men. Some call it the Ramayana Monkey Chant. Originally a trance dance ritual, Kecakwas slowly changing to a drama by the German Walter Spies, and later popularized throughout Bali. The performance is quite simple. There are approximately 150 men, including a chorus. They are wearing only loin-clothes and form several circles. Surrounded by dancers is a coconut oil lamp.

The dancers move to the left and right, keeping an ancient rhythm and singing “cakke-cak, cakke-cak”, the mystic words once used to get them into a trance. The moves are truly hypnotic and enjoyed by tourists. That is also the reason why Kecak was featured in numerous movies, books and dramas all around the world.