Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (II)

Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (II)

In the first part of our guide for the top attractions in Bali, we checked Kuta, Uluwatu and Ubud. Stay tuned, there is more where these came from!

Luxury meets Seminyak beach

Say you want to spend a dream holiday in Bali, but need a more luxurious lifestyle? Then why not visit Seminyak. It is among the best luxury attractions in Bali. Here, the traditional Balinese atmosphere and the new luxury created by the modern resorts blend in a harmonious way, without affecting the beauty of the beach sceneries. And speaking of the beaches, you simply can’t afford to miss the Seminyakbeach or Petitenget in your tour of attractions in Bali.

Let’s stay a little on the beach. But not just any beach. Our next stop on the attractions in Bali tour is the Jimbaran beach. And you must absolutely reserve some time to see it by night. Well, by sunset first, then head to one of the many cafes and clubs here for a traditional Balinese dinner and fresh seafood. Romantic, right? Well, not romantic enough, until you’ll take a short walk on the beach with nothing but the stars whining above your footsteps. And some traditional torches. All these being said, the Jimbaran beach may also be one of the best attractions in Bali for the newlyweds.

Who’s afraid of snakes?

Bali is basically an island so most of the attractions in Bali are somehow related to water and the Java Sea. And it is in the sea itself that you will find the next of the best attractions in Bali. Yes, you are right! Behold the Tanah Lot Temple. It is built on a rocky cliff and there is no other Balinese temple more famous than this. In fact, Tanah Lot can be visited by foot, during the low tide. Part of the Indonesian culture, snakes guard this sacred temple. They are also considered sacred animals. There is no other place in Bali where snakes and snake nests are treated with more respect than in the Tanah Lot area. Rest assured, that the very much alive snakes here pose no danger to the visitors. For decades, there has been no snake bitten victim here. They aren’t called holy snaked for nothing, right?

All the president’s men

Are there other famous attractions in Bali worth mentioning? Of course! We just got to the first half of this top 10 attractions in Bali guide. Our next stop is TirtaEmpul. Some of you may know it under the name of Tampak Siring. This village also ranks high among the attractions in Bali. It is located in the regency of Gianyar. Hordes of tourists flock here each year, accompanied by locals and all of them also visit the Gunung Kawi temple. There are also other attractions in Bali worth visiting here, and among them lies one of the six presidential palaces from Indonesia.

Simply can’t get enough of the great attractions in Bali? Check out the final part of our guide!