Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (III)

Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (III)

We slowly got to the third and final part of our guide to the best attractions in Bali. We included here interesting places such as Nusa Dua, Bajra Sandhi or the Dreamland Beach, so get ready to delve in the best attractions in Bali, so you can thoroughly prepare your future holiday on the island of gods. If you missed the other seven top attractions in Bali, you can check them here.

First on this final list is the Nusa Dua beach. This is located just 30 minutes away from the international airport and less than 25 miles away from the capital city Denpasar. Nusa Dua is one of the most famous attractions in Bali and the authorities make huge efforts to preserve it and maintain everything clean and tidy. Nusa Dua, as being on top of the attractions in Bali, is also the perfect location for those looking to enjoy accommodation in one of the resort hotels built in the last years.

Pay homage to the Balinese struggle

No tourist should leave the island of gods without visiting one of the latest attractions in Bali. We are talking here about the Bajra Sandhi Museum. It is located in the city of Denpasar, more precisely in Renon. Here, the government has built in 2003 the Bajra Sandhi Monument of Balinese People Struggle. It has the form of a bell, and construction began in early 1987. Being opened to the public 16 years later, the monument is now among the attractions in Bali. It has a sole purpose if immortalising the spirit of the Balinese locals struggle, but many would agree, that by being in the top 10 attractions in Bali, the Bajra Sandhi Monument also helps to preserve the Balinese culture, at the same time depicting the Balinese history, conflicts and difficulties.

We’ll conclude our list of top ten attractions in Bali with something more difficult, reserved for the true adventures: Dreamland Bali and the Kawah Jen volcano. First, the Dreamland Bali beach is so remote that you’ll need to seek assistance. It is surrounded by high cliffs and access is quite difficult by land. A lot easier would be to rent a boat to get you there. Huge rocks surround this dream beach, and a trip from Kuta resort to it will take just 30 minutes.

We left the best for last!

And it gets even harder. Introducing Kawah Jen, the amazing Balinese volcano that spits blue lava. Incorrect! It is blue, but what people see here is not lava. It’s burning gases and Sulphur. Kawah Jen is last on our top list of attractions in Bali solely for the difficult access to it. Trips to the volcano start in the early morning hours, as the road is very difficult and the cars will only get you that far. After that, it’s walking on your own feet. A great trekking to the volcano ca last for 24 hours, and during this period there is no time for sleeping. The scenery is unnatural and mostly surreal. Apart from being surrounded by locals mining for Sulphur (and trying to sell you some), the electric blue flames seem otherworldly.

The reason you need to get to the caldera during the night is that after the sunrise at 5 AM the blue fire can no longer be seen, and you would have to wait for the next night. Apart from that, but you can also check out the largest acid lake in the world, but also the amazing Sulphur clouds. By the way, don’t forget to wear masks all the time and never venture to such a trekking without a local guide and gear in good condition.