Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (I)

Top 10 attractions in Bali you absolutely must visit this year (I)

The island of gods is one of the most famous destinations for tourists all over the world. Just like any other natural beauty, you’ll find here lots of attractions in Bali. Here’s our top for the top 5 attractions in Bali you absolutely must see during this lifetime.

Kuta is no. 1 among the attractions in Bali

By far, the most famous among all attractions in Bali is the Kuta beach. It is also the most famous among tourists coming to Bali. You’ll see here so many travelers, from old-timers to youngsters wearing backpacks. This also means that the Kuta area is crammed. With people, scooters, small business locals trying to sell anything imaginable, but also bars, shops, and clubs. Just like New York, Kuta scores high on the nightlife, and we might as well call it the resort that never sleeps.

Except for the huge crowds, Kuta has stunning beaches and the best time to admire their natural beauty is at sunset. It is also one of the most famous attractions in Bali for the simple reason that tourists and travelers come here to meet one another. Kuta has no less than three miles of stunning beaches, where you can do almost anything, be it swimming, sunbathing, surfing or enjoying a cocktail.

Try Uluwatu for that long-sought peace of mind

Uluwatu ranks the second place in our list of top attractions in Bali simply because Kuta cannot be equaled in terms of visitors flocking here. Unlike Kuta, the Uluwatu area is chosen mostly by tourists searching for natural beauty, stunning Balinese temples or tranquility. The temples in Uluwatu also rank high among the attractions in Bali, alongside natural rice terraces or resorts dedicated for yoga lovers.

There is a wild side of Uluwatu too. The beaches here are mostly wild, and swimming is often prohibited. In spite of that, the beaches in Uluwatu are some of the best attractions in Bali for surfers. Each year, Bali hosts a series of surfing contests, attracting here thousands of surfers, from early beginners to well-versed pros, capable of riding the most difficult waves raised by the Indian Ocean.

Ubud, the lair of gods and culture

We’ll keep the same nature registry for the next attractions in Bali. And Ubud is our choice for the 3rd place. Ubud offers a different kind of beauty on the island of gods. Not commercial, not quite so natural, but rather a cultural beauty. But don’t ignore the scenery in Ubud. Rice fields and terraces, private accommodation offered by the locals, exotic forestry and landscapes are just a few of the attractions in Bali, Ubud For example, visitors can admire the scenery from of the numerous hills in Ubud, which has a rather mountainous terrain, or can go check out places such as Yeh Pulu, or the cave of Goa Gajah. It has been nominated among the best attractions in Bali, and furthermore, for one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

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