Which Balinese festivals to see during July?

Which Balinese festivals to see during July?

The island of gods is one of the top destinations when it comes to Balinese festivals and traditional events. The exotic landscape, traditional but high-class food, exclusive accommodations, and amenities combine in what is now one of the most attractive location for events.

If you are visiting Bali in July there are some interesting Balinese festivals and events to discover. Starting with the 9th of July, the Balinese locals celebrate TumpekLandep. As with most of the Hindu holidays, this Balinese festival is held according to the unique Balinese calendar, every 210 days. For 2017, the next occurrence will be February 4th.TumpekLandep is related with another Hindu celebration, Saraswati. After the Balinese gained the knowledge, they can use it during TumpelLandep, when they are sharpening their minds. This is a day where all metal things are worshiped, from cars or modern things to kris daggers and other blades. TumpekLandep is also a day when tourists will be amazed by the locals who decorate their scooters or cars with sampian, ornaments made from leafs.

Surf, movies and a beach for everyone:

Later this month surfers are greeted with a Balinese festival for their liking. It is time for Ombak Bali, the international Surf Film Festival, which takes place for three days, starting on July 21st. This year, the Ombak Bali festival will take place in Seminyak, on the La Plancha beach. Everyone is free to attend, as there is no entry fee. The main attractions of the Ombak Bali festival are the movie screenings taking place on the beach. This is also a good opportunity for surf videographers to show their work and pose some serious debates about sustainability or environmental protection.

At the same time, ifsurfing is not your passion, we recommend attending one of the most amazing Balinese festivals ever. It is called PerangPandan and it takes place on the 21st of July in the village Tenganan, in the Karangasem province, in the eastern part of the island. The Balinese call this war dance ritual “megeretpandan” or “mekarekare”. PerangPandan is another Hindu celebration, dedicated to the god Indra. It consists of battles between the men of the village. For the duel, they use a rattan shield and pandan leaves with thorns. The pairs of men or boys are all waiting for their turns to fight. Be careful, this is not a Balinese festival for the faint-hearted. The fighters will get covered in blood, because of the thorns, but they will keep fighting bravely, without showing signs of pain.

Uplifting Balinese music and traditional bull races:

Moving further in July, you could attend the Bali International Choir Festival. This year will be the marking of the 5th edition. The Balinese festival is the merit of the Bandung Choral Society and it takes place for a whole week, from the 25th to the 31st of July. In 2016 more than a hundred choir groups and schools are expected to compete for the grand title. From the soul-uplifting music, we’re ready to elevate again. This time, will be a kite as the 37th Bali Kite Festival will be held from July up to October, on the Padanggalak Beach, in Sanur. It is a very good opportunity for tourists to see some giant kites in action.

Finally, you can end your July tour of Balinese festivals with a truly traditional celebration – the Makepung Bull Races. It is a well-established tradition taking place from July to November, in the western part of Bali, Jembrana, to be more specific. The beaches near Jembrana are turned into racing tracks for the bull riders. But the Balinese farmers don’t just race bulls in the wooden chariots until they reach the finals, called the Jembrana Governor’s Cup. They also adorn their bulls in an attempt to not just attract tourists to this little-known part of the island, but also improve farming conditions and animal welfare.